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Where to Have Egg Donation

Egg donation in South Africa is fast becoming an attractive consideration buy donor eggs. This is for many reasons.

Many of the people involved in the treatment or process of assisting to find you an egg donor have also endured extensive fertility treatment, so have a full understanding and empathy for your situation. Further benefits include affordable egg donation treatment or affordable fertility treatment. South Africa is an advanced country and offers advanced fertility treatment, including a very high success rates with carefully screened egg donors and exceptionally high success rates with frozen embryos. This is because of new technology being used and the extensive skill in the Laboratories who monitor the embryos and assist with their growth and employ a very advanced freezing and thawing process.

South Africa also has many attractive tourism offerings, so the stress of the procedures can be reduced by experiencing the many exciting offerings of sea, mountains, scenery, wildlife, heritage and good old fashioned hospitality. South Africa is a world in a country and offers highly advanced technology with an advanced egg donation programme with several egg donors available. A surrogacy programme is also available with several surrogate moms available to assist. South African fertility specialists also have substantial experience and skill and have been helping people conceive both in South Africa and from all over the world for several years.

The actual dosage offered is adjusted to suit the individual needs of the patient.

Accordingly having egg donation in South Africa offers the recipient a good chance of success with a well screened egg donor as well as treatment with highly trained top professionals.